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If you need an editor or ghostwriter for your newsletter, ezine, marketing materials, reports, white papers, website, employee messages, or correspondence, please contact us by email or telephone (408) 779 2399.

If you are a student who needs a thesis or paper edited, we can do that for you - however, we do not offer ghostwriting to students!:)

We can provide editing and ghostwriting services for your novel or non-fiction book.

Contact us by email or telephone (408) 779 2399

Here are examples of some of our past editing, design and ghostwriting projects:

Access Magazine, the magazine of the School of Journalism at San José State University.

The Strategic Road, an e-book compiled from DataBuzz issues.

DataBuzz, the monthly customer ezine for ExtraQuest, a software organization in Denver, issue 1

issue 2

Restyled DataBuzz. ExtraQuest changed its name to StrataVia and the new ezine style reflects their new branding.

Register here and we will let you know when we post more examples.

A notice at my gym reads: “So that we can get to know everybodies names we will be giving out name-tags." Can you spot two errors?

A paper providing water conservation tips contains this phrase: "turn water shut off valve water off at the house ..." It took me a moment to figure it out, but I think it should say: "turn off water-shut-off valve to the house ..." It would be better if it said: turn the water-shut-off valve to closed.

This description appears on the website of a respected organization: "For busy individuals, it can be very difficult find the time to organise and be available for routine daily tasks, which is why ..." Oh dear, it's pretty clumsy, and it will still be awkward even if they put in the missing word.

When all your written materials are error-free, you will be as professional as you claim to be.
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