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Brian Staff

I am an Englishman who has lived in California since 1994. I have an ancient Ph.D. in Computer Science and have worked for most of my life in selling or marketing information technology. I have been a senior marketing executive at several high-tech companies, including IBM, Informix and Unisys. I have lived in London, Madrid and Edinburgh, and have traveled widely and sometimes unwisely. I wrote my first brief novel at the age of seven for my Uncle Joe, and have now written seven more, which are longer than the first one but probably no more entertaining. I have had both fiction and non-fiction pieces published in various newspapers and periodicals. I have written countless marketing documents which have benefited from my fiction writing skills and my existential sense of the absurd. I have edited newsletters for high-tech companies and written articles for the technical press. I write fiction and non-fiction for WordisWorth and provide marketing consulting services. You can email me if you want to know more.

Alison J. Macmillan

I am a Scot, who came to the Bay area of California in 2004 to complete a masters in journalism and mass communications. I'm a glutton for studying, adding that MSc to an existing MBA, an MA in Education Management and other professional and management qualifications. I have been a university lecturer, business school manager, negotiator, sales executive, international project director, fitness trainer, business and life coach, and English language teacher. I am bringing all this together in WordisWorth, writing what I know about to benefit everyone who is interested. I write WordisWorth's non-fiction and business content. If you want to know more or have me design or write something for you then don't hesitate to email me.

Why WordisWorth is a potpourri

There's everything here. Fact, fiction, business advice, personal coaching, fitness tips, news, trivia, writing, design and editing services, and more besides. It has just about everything you need for your education and entertainment in one place. You live a busy life, you want to succeed, but you don't have time to use lots of different sources to get relevant information and knowledge. If you've suffered conventional learning through dusty textbooks, with dry jargon and complex information designed to make the author look smart, then you might have switched right off and switched on the TV instead or turned to a magazine.

WordisWorth is your TV or magazine. It is designed to entertain you while you absorb its content. It will help and inspire you to get the most out of work and life and be the best you can be. Theory has informed its look and its content. But there's nothing theoretical in here. We present a non- academic and jargon-free guide to our knowledge and learning.

WordisWorth brings you edutainment

You get education in an entertaining way. There's no need to struggle to learn something just to get ahead. If you don't enjoy it, it's not worth it. Learn more about edutainment here.

And here's some information about color and design, to give you a bit of knowledge and inspiration:

If you're interested in the books mentioned, here are the ISBN numbers:

We the media - 0-596-00733-7

Usability - 1-904151-03-5

Colour book - 1-85906-044-7

Complete book of colour - 1-86204-250-0

Who we are and why we developed this site.
Save your time. Use WordisWorth and get just about all your knowledge and entertainment in one place.
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Click here for more on edutainment, and for a rundown on how we provide our information in an entertaining way.
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