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This How-To has tips on designing a Website, based on my experience of designing this one. This is draft 3 of the site as a whole, and that's not counting the number of times I've changed different pages. I have still not mastered all the techniques I need to update it effortlessly.

However, despite advice to the contrary, I now know it is possible for rookies to produce a Website with a little self-teaching from books.
You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

I hope my tips are helpful for any of you who decide to have a go. You can always produce one from a template, and some of the tips will still be useful if you go that route, e.g. planning how everything will link together before you even start looking at templates! Click here to get it.

There will be a new How-To each month, and you will always be able to access past ones through archives.
How to design a website
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