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issue 3 . august 2006

I have been able to automate
most of my repetitive DBA tasks, monitor for various events and respond with appropriate actions, and identify trends within the database. This has freed me up to focus more on higher level DBA tasks and system planning.

Ryan Johnson, Media News Group Interactive

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StrataVia, the strategic way of database administration

On this day we changed the name of our company from ExtraQuest to StrataVia, and we launched a product, Data Palette... Headlines in publications such as InfoWorld and ComputerWorld simply said “StrataVia automates database administration work”... more>>>

Art and Architecture

Ron Krubeck, Vice President - Engineering, explains how Data Palette’s architecture is the foundation that transforms database administration from grunge to art. Your corporate data is your most valuable asset, and Data Palette protects iit just as an art gallery protects its masterpieces. more>>>


The art of the engineer

This month our spotlight is on David Graham, Director of Software Engineering, an architect, who sees his work, leading the development of Data Palette, as an art. more>>>

What’s in a name?
So, ExtraQuest is now StrataVia. "Why?" you might ask. "What for?" you may add. "Why should I care?" Find out what's behind the name and the changes, and learn a little bit of Latin. more>>>

Venkat: "What will I get using Data Palette that I don't get now?"

“A guarantee that your DBAs and IT managers will attain higher consistency in DBA service delivery, giving your organization competitive advantage... You also get full audit capabilities, and your DBAs can sleep at night. more>>>


DBAs need “electric drills”

The world of database administration is pretty well served by tools. Like a carpenter’s array of implements, DBAs have their equivalents of hammers, drill bits and chisels of various sizes, screwdrivers, saws and mallets. With his usual vim and vigor, Brian Staff, Vice President - Marketing, shows how the database industry and the job of the DBA can be powered up like the carpenter's... more>>>

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