Issue Two - July, 2006
In this edition of DataBuzz we focus on service excellence. As we said last month, this is built around three things: people, process and product....

At 8 years-old she wanted to program robots. Now, she is a RoboDOC expert. Meet Julie Johnson, one of our expert DBAs, and get to know an ExtraQuest DBA.

The processes at Three Mile Island led to a historic disaster. In this article Matt Wilkinson shows how following industry standards helps you to not only avoid calamity, but also achieve service excellence.

The brain behind the brawn. Isadora Duncan had one and George Bernard Shaw had the other. The offspring from their coupling would not be guaranteed to have both. RoboDOC and our DBAs, though, come with a service excellence warranty.
The British Empire, Japan, mangement gurus, cars... In this month's market watch, Brian Staff discusses the demise of the "outsourcing megadeal".
ask the expert

Venkat, "What Differentiates Service Providers?"

"That is the million dollar question in the IT services industry, isn’t it? And Venkat gives you two answers for one.


“…the age of the outsourcing 'megadeal' appears to be in decline as organizations award smaller contracts to a wider array of companies …”
Gartner, quoted in DM Review, May 2006
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