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One of the Safeway stores in our town, Morgan Hill, California, was refurbished recently and they are celebrating and doing special promotions. There are lots of taster points around the store where we can try exciting foods. Sounds good? Well, it would be better for the store if they had the items available to put in your shopping cart right at the taster point. Otherwise, people simply enjoy some free food, walk on and forget about it.

Marketing is pretty simple. Get the 4 Ps right and you are onto a winner. Miss one of the Ps, or get something wrong and waste 100% of your budget and effort.

Product - tasty food

Price - free sample and a special, enticing money off or buy one get one free offer, or savings coupon.

Promotion - in the store to capture people while shopping. Advertise the tastings in savings booklet.

Place - stock it where the people will taste it so they can buy it easily.

Safeway may only have got one P right - the product.

Price? Well, we didn't come across the items on the shelves so we don't know whether there are any price savings. And we were not handed a savings coupon, so as we shopped we forgot all about what we had tasted and didn't look for the bargain.

Promotion? We didn't know about it until we got to the store. Had it been promoted in the savings booklet we received through the mail we might have gone to the store specially (as would thousands of others who do not normally shop there).

Place? People should be able to get what you are promoting easily. Don't make it a game of hide and seek. Or worse - don't run out of supplies during a promotion. Have you ever seen something advertised on TV, rushed out to get it, and not found it because it is not available yet or out of stock? Oh well, the competitor's product is there so you get that instead.

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