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•Mass entertainment is optional.
•The vast majority hunger for it, devour it and can’t get enough of it.
•There is a variety of options: TV, radio, magazines, books, music, movies, games, and sports to name just a few. •There is enough choice to satisfy different interests, tastes, wants and needs. •Everyone gains from it by choosing the bits they enjoy and bodyswerving the bits that do nothing for them.

•Education is something that everyone has to take during childhood and into their teenage years
•Some take more of it than others do. Some do better at it than others. Some can’t get enough and some can’t get out of it quickly enough.
•It’s provided in classrooms, online forums, or even at home for some.
•Lots of information is provided - mostly in formal lessons and from academic texts, or academics.
•Some love it. Some hate it.
•You can’t opt out of it until you finish high school.
Eying education and entertainment

•What is it that mass entertainment has that education doesn’t?
•Why are some people dragged, kicking and screaming, into early education, and relatively few go onto continuing education?
•Why does a world of billions swarm to entertainment?

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Here’s my answer:
•Education is sometimes as tasty as the dusty tomes it’s served in. No wonder crowds swarm to devour mass entertainment and switch off when educators make things more complex than they need be.
•Education can even bore the pants off people who opt to continue their education.
•Entertainment provides amusement, excitement, fun, interest, pleasure, comfort, play, and relaxation.
•Entertainment feeds people what they love.
•Education is missing vital ingredients. WordisWorth has these ingredients.”

How edutainment reaches the people and brain cells education can't
Entertainment-education uses media entertainment techniques to make education more enjoyable. You learn more easily because it's entertaining.


Just for fun, have a go at these questions:

1 a) Are you forced to, and feel that you should go to school or college to get educated?, or b) do you go willingly?

2 a) Are you forced to turn to TV, radio, magazines, books, music, dvds, games, or chat rooms to relax and be entertained?, or b) do you do it willingly?

3 a) Do you look forward with enthusiasm to going to a lecture at school or college where someone will talk at a group of you for a couple of hours?, or b) do you go with a heavy heart and fall asleep?

4 a) Do you look forward with enthusiasm, to turning to TV, radio, magazines, books, music, dvds, games, and chat rooms to be part of it for a couple of hours?, or b) does that sort of thing make you yawn?

If I were a betting person, I would wager that the majority of you answered:
1 – a), 2 – b), 3 – b), 4 – a)

It's not conclusive proof, but it's a mighty strong indication that education needs to be entertaining to attract people to it!

What you get in WordisWorth's potpourri of edutainment

You live a busy life, you want to succeed, but you don't have time to do courses, or read books or newspapers, and search the Internet and all sorts of other stuff to educate yourself and learn new things.

If you've suffered conventional learning through dusty textbooks, with dry jargon and complicated information the author included to look smart, then you might have switched right off and switched on the TV instead, or turned to a magazine.

WordisWorth is your TV or magazine. It is designed to entertain you while you absorb its content. It will help and inspire you to get the most out of work and life and be the best you can be.

WordisWorth has just about everything you need for your business and personal education and entertainment - in one place.

Successzine - a unique and entertaining ezine to give you business and management information

Successzine is unique. It gives you the knowledge and skills you need to soar to the top of the tree. It's a business and management online magazine (ezine). It looks just like a print magazine. It has a soap opera: follow the lives and loves of the staff in Agile Mind and get lots of sound business and management advice. The plots will thicken each issue. You'll see characters just like you and your colleagues. Successzine has personal development articles, written like stories you devour in your favorite magazines. It has guides to help you learn all aspects of business and management. They are written like fiction, but give you as much knowledge as students studying business and management get. It's got an expert's column. Brian, the expert, is a novelist and his articles are like short stories. You can ask him to answer your questions.

Fiction by Brian Staff

We bring you fiction. Each month there will be a new short story from Brian Staff. His quirky sense of humour shows through his work. His stories always contain some sort of message about life, relationships, work, and the world around us. He opens up your mind to different, provocative perspectives.

Facts on your world, the business world, and the world at large

We keep you up to date with a variety of facts on what's going on in the world. The fact section also provides inspiring articles to help you get the most out of life. And there are guides to work issues, many of which expand some of the themes in WordisWorth, and others that provide practical tips for doing a variety of business and management tasks.

Allsorts of information on just about everything

These are entertaining and educational guides to managing people, marketing & sales, systems, and finance & nformation.

How to do just about anything with a little help from WordisWorth

The how-to section gives you practical information to help you soar to the height of your potential.

Catalog of entertaining educational things

There's a catalog where you can get compilations of all sorts of things and great success gifts.

Design services from WordisWorthMarketing services from WordisWorthEditing services from WordisWorthWriting services from WordisWorthAbout WordisWorth and its people

We provide services to help build businesses. You are getting over 70 years of experience from people who have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. There's no fluff. We make things work and bring you results.

So, that's edutainment from WordisWorth. You can subscribe to get regular updates and all sorts of free things. Enjoy the site.


It's edutainment

WordisWorth provides entertainment to give you the education you need to succeed in your business and personal life.

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