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StrataVia guarantees that you can save at least 30% from your incremental database administration costs.

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"Not only have we been able to reduce our database administration costs by more than 45 percent, we have been able to reap the benefits of 24 by 7 support, reports, tools and automation, and greatly improved project productivity."
Paula Smith, Director, Applications and Support, at Heald College.

"We have been able to automate most of our repetitive DBA tasks, monitor for various events and respond with appropriate actions, and identify trends within the database.  This has freed me up to focus more on higher level DBA tasks and system planning."
Ryan Johnson, Media News Group Interactive, July 2006

"HealthMedx employs StrataVia's Data Palette, a set of tools or hosted services that let organizations capture and define standard database management operating procedures, use this knowledge to automate administration where possible and continuously monitor the entire database environment.”
Article on StrataVia customer, HealthMedx, in Intelligent Enterprise magazine, November 2006.

“The integration of the StrataVia and Sento teams has been great. Whatever the Sento processes are, StrataVia has embraced them and then added to them to make them better.  StrataVia has not forced us to change. At the same time, StrataVia has helped to show us a better way (of providing DBA support). StrataVia has given us at least 30% in cost savings.”
Wade Billings, Director of Global IT Operations, Sento Corporation

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