Is your plate too full of repetitive mundane tasks?

Are you missing out on a tool that gives you the expertise of dozens of expert DBAs?

“As the DBA for our company, I have used Data Palette extensively for the past year and a half, and the tool has proven invaluable in troubleshooting the database performance problems that we have encountered. It captures and displays extensive database and system information allowing me to correlate various metrics over a given window of time. This has allowed me to more quickly identify the root cause of a problem and introduce the solution. 

“Another great feature of the tool is the SOP functionality.  I have been able to automate most of my repetitive DBA tasks, monitor for various events and respond with appropriate actions, and identify trends within the database. This has freed me up to focus more on higher level DBA tasks and system planning.”

Ryan Johnson, Media News Group Interactive


To read about how StrataVia is providing a strategic way of database administration, visit and download the Data Palette Brochure. You will get a free consultation with an expert DBA to discuss your specific issues and environment.

Data Palette can be your right hand artist, combining your expertise with the expertise of expert DBAs amassed over 100s of person years, enabling you to

  • Automate repetitive tasks to free up your time for more strategic functions
  • Establish and deploy best practices within your database administration environment
  • Implement autonomics or “self healing” to put an end to firefighting exercises
  • Make you more valuable to your organization
  • Get rid of that stress!

Data Palette makes myths out of these so-called ‘facts’

Myth 1: Most DBAs spend too much time fire fighting and implementing repetitive tasks.

Myth 2: Best Practices in database administration are difficult to establish and consistently deploy.

Myth 3: Reliable 24x7 uptime is difficult to achieve and expensive with performance often being unpredictable.  

Myth 4: The plethora of

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systems and servers in the organization means that a multitude of different scripts is needed.