“…the age of the outsourcing 'megadeal' appears to be in decline as organizations award smaller contracts to a wider array of companies …”

Database administration is a key and expensive area of your IT operations; it’s a prime candidate for outsourcing.

Tens of billions of dollars a year are spent on database administration in the US.  How much do you contribute to this figure, paying expensive people to execute complex yet repeatable tasks? You can save on your budget by outsourcing, but cost saving is only one motivation. You have the right to expect that by outsourcing you will not only cut expense but will also get a better database administration service.


Download Our White PaperThe changing landscape of outsourcing, and how to benefit from it”, by Thor Culverhouse, President and CEO.

Watch an audio-visual presentation on how to achieve excellence in database administration.
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That’s why companies are now being selective as to how they outsource. You want to partner with an expert specialist in database administration, who can cut your costs, improve your service, ensure you are regulatory compliant, and make your life hassle-free.

Our White PaperThe changing landscape of outsourcing, and how to benefit from it”, gives you the information you need to select a boutique rather than a body shop. Listen to our VP of Managed Services, Matt Wilkinson, discuss the specific advantages of targeted outsourcing.