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"Acquiring & Retaining Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance in the
Database Environment
by Venkat Devraj,
author of
"Oracle 24x7".
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Your data is at the very heart of
your business. But are you able to
say who's accessing it, amending it,
downloading it? More important, if
auditors ask you these questions, are
you able to tell them? And are you able
to meet the demands of regulatory comp-
liance, which could ask you for a complete
accounting of how your data has been
handled over the past week, or quarter, or
year, or more?

ExtraQuest provides a solution that tracks ALL
activity performed on your data, leaving no gaps
or loopholes. Reports are generated that completely
summarize database activity at the required level of
detail, in formats that can be tailored to the require-
ments of compliance auditors. The ExtraQuest solution
is far less of a drain on resources than other methods,
which means that your operational systems can keep up
with the demands of your business whilst providing the
necessary audit data.

ExtraQuest provides a complete solution for database
administration, via a managed service based on industry
standards such as ITIL and OMM, and a sophisticated tech-
nology that, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance, also automates database administration around best practices.